Jonnyshipes Creates “4Eva Timeless” Spotify Playlist

Cinematic is proud to launch its newest Spotify playlist titled “4Eva Timeless”. Curated by Jonnyshipes, the playlist consists of already established music and soon to be timeless music. In a new interview with Billboard Shipes explains,

“I started off DJ’ing back in the day. So I always really understood music. How old are you? 27? So we’re kind of in the same range. You’re nine years younger than me, but we almost kind of grew up together in the golden era with Snoop, Biggie, Nas, Jay and so on and so forth. I think that to me, I’ve always been good at knowing what timeless music is because when I was maybe like 10 years old and on, I’ve been listening to things that are relevant and still hold true now, whether it was Nas, Big, whoever.”

Stream the new playlist below.